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hiya, i prompted you cooper remembers and omg that was amazing i think i love you

Sorry Tumblr didn’t tell me I had messages but thank you!

Also, I just checked the notes and apparently some people want a sequel, is that a demand? Because I have free time now I finished a big story to fill prompts.

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That was the cutest thing please stop omg i cant i just cant like steven hugging kai ah i want like more but also that was really good i am malfunctioning ahhhhhhhh

Thank you!

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Kai -Final Chapter

I’ve actually had this written up for about a week now but I’ve been too busy to get it online. I’d like to thank everyone who has been with me on this crazy journey. When I started this, I never thought I would get the recognition and the love that I have. So, without further ado, here is the final chapter of Kai.

It had been months. Months of waiting, sitting beside a comatose boy after the longest mission of their lives. What started as a simple extraction had turned into a tale of deceit, pain and Tetris. But they had finally gotten Kai back, only to lose him to his own body.

It had shut down, called it quits and now he didn’t move. It was unnatural, seeing him so still. Usually he would be kicking his legs, sat on the countertop and eating cereal or running on several cans of red bull. Playing against people on his Xbox across the globe and kicking butt easily. This version of Kai was scary in its polar opposite to him. Sure, he was still surrounded by technology, but it was machines monitoring him. The only similarity was that soft gaming music was playing in the background, like it would when he was on missions.

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Kai Update

I have half of the final chapter written! I’ve been getting writers regret as I don’t want to end it. I still have the notebook which I wrote the first line in and I don’t want to have to end it.

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@WaterstonesOxfordSt is my favorite

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Prompt: Blaine is getting bullied at NYADA but hides it from Kurt and everyone else. He stops eating and isn’t his usual cheerful self. Kurt doesn’t find out until he finds Blaine having a breakdown in the loft when he thinks no one will be home.

TW: Eating disorder, bullying

Blaine couldn’t believe that he was finally having his first day at NYADA. He was going to the same school as his fiancé! He was starstruck as he walked into the main hall and looked around for a sign that would take him to dance, his first lesson of the day. Sure, he’d been shown during his orientation but he was so excited about apartment hunting with Kurt later in the day that he had forgotten the route.

"Hey" he asked a person who looked like they knew where he was supposed to go, "Do you know where AP Dance is?" The person looked Blaine up and down with a raised eyebrow.

"Aren’t you a little young for Advanced Dance?" The woman asked and Blaine smiled an award winning smile.

"Yes I am, but Miss Tibideaux believed that I would excel in the Advanced class” He told her, getting a small glare which he shook off, everyone at NYADA would be a diva and he knew that he would get resented for being pushed forward.

The woman told him where to go and he gladly ran off, thanking her as he headed towards the class. He didn’t want to be late on his first day.

He still couldn’t find the classroom, even with the directions that the woman had given him. Until he finally broke and asked a teacher. He was on the wrong side of the school. The woman had lied to him.

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Cooper Remembers

Prompt: hi, i have a prompt, it was mentioned on bpotd but nobody ever filled it- Blaine was kidnapped when he was young. Cooper never gave up hope and looked for him for years, passing out flyers and working with the police. It seemed like a dead end until he gave a flyer to the owner of Hummel Auto and Lube and the owner recognized him as his son’s boyfriend. -i totally get if you’re not comfortable writing a kidnapping story :) 

Author notes: Dude, I am the queen of kidnapping. I have an unfinished CSI Miami story where Ryan gets kidnapped and the kidnapper taunts the CSI Team by sending poems.

Cooper remembers when his little brother was born. He remembers his mother being rushed into hospital and the long wait in the boring waiting room. Sure, he had his phone to play games on, but it was nothing like waiting for his baby brother or sister to come along. He had been excited for weeks at the prospect of a new member of the Anderson family. A new playmate and it meant that Cooper wouldn’t be the youngest in the family any more.

Cooper remembers his Father taking him into his Mother’s hospital room and presenting the little baby that was in her arms. He was tiny, crying while cuddled up against his Mother’s chest. The baby was a burrito in Cooper’s eyes, wrapped in a white cloth with his head sticking out the top.

Cooper remembers when his mother said that the babies name was Blaine. It meant yellow and slender, which Cooper thought suited his little brother. He replayed the name over and over in his head so he could remember it. He never wanted to forget Blaine’s name.

Cooper remembers the day Blaine disappeared. His little brother was apparently picked up outside of his daycare. He remembers because it was the day his whole world fell apart. The day he lost his little brother to the big bad world. The day that stopped him from being able to wear yellow.

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Since I have gotten back into writing, would anyone like to send me some prompts?

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The difference in him between these two gifs really speaks for the journey he’s been on

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